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Kanex presents the modular type Clean Agent FE 36 Automatic fire extinguishers which keeps guard and extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently.

In the event of a fire, Kanex Modular type Fire extinguishers activate automatically, spraying the extinguishing agent with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is brought under control rapidly and efficiently.

Temperature Sensing bulbs are ranging from 57 °C to 107 °C.

Applicable Fire areas
Computer area
Server room
Fuel and flammable liquid storage
Automobile garages
Marine engines
Welding benches
Oil fill-in stations
Offices & Banks
Paint and varnish booths
Domestic gas Storage's particularly for hotels

Automatic Detection and Suppression in a single unit:

which provides securities in case of emergencies and power failure without power backup.

Discharge Mechanism:

Brass nickel plated Sprinkler Valve with Temperature Sensing bulb ranging from 57 °C to 107 °C.

Pressure Gauge:

Easy to read Pressure gauges with Unique Gauge Testing System (UGTS) to check the workability and accuracy onsite for each gauges.

Hydro Test:

Extinguisher shells are 100% factory hydro tested to excess of 35 bar under the vigilance of Engineers.

Extinguishing Medium:

Kanex Clean Agent extinguishers contain FE36 (HFC 236fa), the cleanest, most powerful and ECO friendly extinguishing agent with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and are the obvious choice of concerned corporate worldwide. UL Listed and FM Approved FE 36 (HFC 236fa) gas is Compliant with ASTM -D6541-11 also approved by US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Listing under USA Signification New Alternative Policy (SNAP).

Bar coded labels:

for easy traceability of Fire Extinguishers.

Anticorrosive treatment followed by Powder Coating:

Tough Exterior and Interior Coating with Pure Polyester (PP) powder, which is tested for higher impact resistivity and flexibility.

Features of FE 36 Clean Agent

Comparative Advantages of FE – 36 It does not contain d-limoene, which is flammable non volatile residue. Extinguishing agents containing d-limonene may leave a coating of d-limonene. In FE-36 variation between atmospheric temperature and boiling point is less, hence it does not leaves any condensed moisture as in case of Co2 FE 36 is not scheduled for phase out as HCFC like Halotron I, which contains Chlorine. The B.P of FE 36 is 1.40C, hence is discharged as gas, unlike Halotron I, which comes out as a liquid. The Extinguishing concentration of FE 36 is well above NOAEL and LOAEL values. NO CL2 BR2. NO PHASEOUT: MONTREAL PROTOCOL

Comparisons between Clean Agents

Extinguishing Agent

HALON 1211


Chemical Family


HFC 236 fa

Acute Toxicity: Cardiotox NOAEL (No Observable Adverse Effects Level) A higher % is less toxic.



Extinguishing Concentration, Cup Burner, n-heptane



Scheduled Raw Material Production Phase-Out per Montreal Protocol *

–100% by 1994


Ozone Depletion Potential–ODP (CFC-11 = 1.0)



Global Warming Potential –GWP



Atmospheric Lifetime



Properties of FE 36 Clean Agent
Chemical Formula : 1,1,1,3,3,3 Hexa Fluoro Propane

Molecular Weight


Boiling point

-1.4 °C

Freezing Point

-103 °C

Maximum Fill Density

1.20 gm/ml.

Specific gravity

1.34 gm/ml.

Scheduled Production Phase out per Montrol Protocol


Product Names


Modular Clean Agent FE36 2 kg

KMCHQ2 (FE 36)

Modular Clean Agent FE36 5 kg

KMCHQ5 (FE 36)

Modular Clean Agent FE36 10 kg

KMCHQ10 (FE 36)

Modular Clean Agent FE36 15 kg

KMCHQ15(FE 36)

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