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Kanex D Class Metal Fire Extinguishers are designed to tackle flammable metal fires because Ordinary dry chemical powders are not suitable for fighting metal fires or even water & foam type too as metals react violently with metals. .

Principle of Operation: D type Fire Extinguishers contains a blended Sodium Chloride based dry powder extinguishing agent. Heat from the fire causes it to cake and form a crust excluding air and dissipating heat from burning metal.

Metal fires involving magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium-potassium alloys can be successfully extinguished with Sodium Chloride based extinguishers.

And Lithium, zirconium, uranium, titanium, and powdered aluminum fires can be controlled and extinguished with unique Special extinguisher with extinguishing agent as Ternary Eutactic Chloride (TEC).

RQ Series Features

Discharge Mechanism with Easy Snap Lever Lock:

A simple squeezing mechanism type brass nickel plated Valve with Easy snap Lever lock safety seal and large loop Stainless steel Pull pin.

Pressure Gauge:

Easy to read Pressure gauges with Unique Gauge Testing System (UGTS) to check the workability and accuracy onsite for each gauges.

EPDM rubber hose:

Superior grade EPDM rubber is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in most hosepipes. It is also far less prone to cracks.


The specially designed applicator is particularly suited for fighting Class D fires. The design is such a way that the operator can stand away from extreme heat and toxic fumes. Other features are non dispersing agent and easily controlled.

Hydro Test:

Extinguisher shells are 100% factory hydro tested to excess of 35 bar under the vigilance of Engineers.

Extinguishing Medium:

Sodium Chloride based powder for general metal fires & TEC is specially formulated powder agent based on a mixture of 3 metal chlorides-Sodium, Potassium and Barium. Conforming to world class manufacturing quality standards, it is ideal for fighting lighter metal fires in the range of 500-2000 degree Celsius. It can also be used to effectively combat small oil fires.

Bar coded labels:

for easy traceability of Fire Extinguishers.

Highest Quality standards and Certifications:

Each Kanex fire extinguishers having standard certifications of CE & ISO 9001. HQ Series available with additional Features Helium leakage test, CE certification and High power TEC powder.

Anticorrosive treatment followed by Powder Coating:

Tough Exterior and Interior Coating with Pure Polyester (PP) powder/ PVC coating in HQ series, which is tested for higher impact resistivity and flexibility.

Product name

Model No.

D type Metal Fire Extinguisher Cap. 6 kg


D type Metal Fire Extinguisher Cap. 9 kg


D type Metal Fire Extinguisher Cap. 25 kg


D type Metal Fire Extinguisher Cap. 50 kg


D type Metal Fire Extinguisher Cap. 75 kg


HQ Series available with additional Features Helium leakage test, CE certification and High power TEC powder.

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