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Where to Use?

An extinguisher is a critical device which is used in the midst of critical situations only. There is no chance for testing , which will be tested and used at a time that's why the device must be totally reliable also which should designed in such a way that it works till the last day of shelf life.

When it comes to application Fire equipment needs to be identifiable, easy to get hold of and appropriate for the property it is intended to protect.

But good fire protection is about more than just having the right devices in the right places, also requires rigorous monitoring to ensure that it will perform effectively when needed.

Everyone should be familiar with the picture symbols which identify the types of fires on which they may be used listed below.

The symbol diagonal red slashes indicates a potential danger if the extinguisher is used on that particular type of fire.

Absence of a type symbol means only that the extinguisher is not recommended as particularly effective for that classification of fire.

How to Use?

KANEX provides you a valuable user manual which contains very much needed information that how to use, install and maintenance of an extinguisher.

The Label affixed on extinguisher body contains specific information to HOW TO OPERATE the particular extinguisher.

The label instruction will change accordingly size and type of extinguisher.

Everyone should be aware of Instructions provided on Extinguishers.