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KATS - Fire Suppression System, fire is detected through Fire Detection Tube (FDT) assembly. KATS (Electrical Panel Flooding Systems)is very useful in confined spaces when human is unable to extinguish the fire & quick operation is required. As soon as the fire ignited, the FDT senses the fire & Actuate the valve & releases the Extinguishing Agent.

Product Overview :

The KATS system is a Automatic Triggering Self actuating system that is designed for localized fire suppression. The system works by using pressurized Fire detection tubing that is installed throughout the risk area. This tubing is heat sensitive and when subjected to a temperature above 110 Degrees centigrade, or when touched by flame, the tubing will rupture and form a diffuser.

Tube Nozzle Formation | Kanex Fire

The extinguishing agent is then deployed via this nozzle directly into the heart of the fire. The KATS Fire Suppression system requires no external power source or separate detectors and owing to its simple design ensures that all of the extinguishing agent is always deployed in the Fire area. The system can be fitted with a volt free single pressure switch which when connected to the cylinder not only provides constant monitoring of the system but can also send a signal to indicate a discharge via a Self contained Alarm Hooter main panel.

  • No external power source required.
  • Easy to maintain, operational readiness, expansion flexibility.
  • 100% effective.
  • 100% automatic & full execution of system, so it doesn’t required any human involvement.
  • Quick response system & It also extinguishes fire very quickly.
  • Very easy installation & Less maintenance required.
  • The extinguishing agent is Neutral, Non-toxic & Biodegradable.
  • Easily integrated with fire control system.
  • No false alarms, it reacts only to suppress the Fire.
  • Extinguisher shells are 100% factory hydro tested to excess of 35 bar.
  • Easy as well more economical to maintain, service and re chargeable.
  • Bar coded labels
  • The direct system utilizes KANEX’s FDT as both fire sensing & suppression of fire by delivering the agent.
  • The nearest surface of FDT bursts due to heating & it forms effective discharge nozzle.
  • Due to which pressure drops in FDT & entire content of cylinder discharges.
Available In : FE-36 , HFC236fa ,FM-200, HFC227ea, Novec1230 ,CO2 (DHP)
  • The Indirect system utilizes KANEX’s FDT as fire sensing ONLY. Suppression of fire is delivered via copper, SS or Braided pipe.
  • The nearest surface of FDT bursts due to heating it actuates the valve & agent discharges through strategically placed nozzles within protected enclosure.
Manual release is also provided as an activation purpose.

Available In : FE-36 , HFC236fa ,FM-200, HFC227ea, Novec1230 ,CO2 (DHP)

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