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Compressed Air Foam System Cafs Fire Extinguisher | Kanex Fire
CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System

CAFS Compressed Air Foam Systems is self contained stored-energy fire suppression units...

Kats Fire Suppression System Fire Extinguisher | Kanex Fire
KATS Fire Suppression System

KATS - Fire Suppression System, fire is detected through Fire Detection Tube (FDT).....

F Class Kitchen Fire Extinguishers | Kanex Fire
F Class Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

Class F Fires most often occur where cooking media such as cooking oils, greases and...

Portable Powder Filling Equipment Fire Extinguisher | Kanex Fire
Portable Powder Filling Equipment

The machine is used for filling dry chemical powder (DCP) into fire extinguishers as well as.....

CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System Video
CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System Video
Authorised Distributor
Authorised Distributor
DuPont FE 36 Clean Agent Modular
DuPont FE 36 Clean Agent Modular

KANEX presents modular type FE36 clean agent gas along with range of gaseous automatic.....

Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer and Supplier

Kanex Fire is India's leading and trusted Fire Safety products brand that manufacturer several types of

Fire Extinguishers

mainly ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers,

Carbon Dioxide Based Fire Extinguishers

, Clean Agent based Fire Extinguishers, Water Based Fire Extinguishers, Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguishers and Ceiling Mounted Automated Modular

Fire Suppression System

, Specialized Fire Extinguishers.
Wide range of

fire safety products

and round the clock services makes Knex Fire India's premier fire safety products brand known today. Read more...