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Pre Engineered Fire Trace Systems

Direct Release Systems

Our direct release systems utilize heat and flame sensitive Firetrace Detection Tubing as a detection device and for suppressant delivery.

Here’s how they work

Direct Release Systems

During a fire, the portion of the tube nearest the point where the most heat is detected ruptures, forming a comprehensive spray nozzle.

The pressure decreases as the tubing releases the entire contents of the cylinder through the spray nozzle (burst hole) to effectively suppress the fire.

A direct release system can be installed to protect multiple enclosures using a single cylinder by routing additional tubing to each enclosed space.

Both direct and indirect systems are available in low- and high-pressure functionality for areas of any size. A fire suppression specialist will determine which system is right for your application.


Data and Computing
Data Center

Data Centers

Firetrace recommends our self-activating, stand-alone fire suppressing solution that detects and suppresses fires inside of any electrical enclosure and server rack.


By containing the fire to the individual enclosure, the damage is limited, and the collateral damage or downtime often caused by traditional fire suppression is avoided.
Server Racks

Server Racks

In many cases, fires occur when server racks and enclosures are susceptible to faulty electrical connections, power surges, malfunctioning power supplies, or short circuits. Our server rack suppression systems are available with an optional pressure switch that can be tied into an emergency power off switch or alarm system to notify you when a fire event occurs.
Electrical Cabinet and Panel Fire Protection


An automatic fire suppression system quickly detects and suppresses the fire to minimize damage to the electrical cabinet allowing the facility to get back up and running.
Power Substation

Power Substations

Firetrace systems are also non-conductive, which makes it a perfect option for protecting valuable switchgear and electrical cabinets within a facility with high voltage currents.

Infrastructure / Realty

Firetrace tubing fire suppression system is used in the various Panels present in the buildings of Hotels, hospitals, Business complex etc.