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Dear Kanex Team,
We are very happy with the product which is supplied by Kanex. Kanex make are very high quality, durable and highly reliable also you deliver product timely without any delay. Pls continue to maintain the same. Happy New Year

Sathish I A Vedanta Resources Ltd
Fire extinguishers supplied by M/s Kanex were good and we are satisfied with the product. Please maintain the same quality.

DIPAL DABHI ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India
The product Quality & service provided by M/s Kanex India was excellent! Really appreciable service provided by team Kanex India.

Rakesh R Mhatre Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.
I would like to thank for Good response and immediate response from Kanex team. Very Nice and very good and quick responsive team. Also each and every aspect is taken into consideration and also kept noted on every transaction regarding material delivery and material quality.

We as Merck is very pleased to give order to M/s Kanex Fire who has provided very good technical support and design which exactly meets our requirement. Their system is very reliable and price is very competitive in current market. Material delivery and execution plan is well planned and delivered within timeline. Hope we get the same support in future also.

Mahadeva Prasad RC Merck Group
Kanex is known for its quality of extinguishers, we are purchasing kenex make extinguishers at our plant at Kheda, Gujarat as well as in Dharwad, Karnataka. We have been using your product for a long time. The quality and deliverability is above expectation level. We expect continuous support from you for our safety equipment solutions.

Veerendra Patil Crest Speciality Resins Pvt Ltd
I would like to appreciate to all kanex team for maintaining quality of all product and use best material for every equipment as per Iron-carbon diagram. I hope kanex will maintain the quality of material in upcoming day and Brainstorming on delivery time.

Amit Dangale Jendamark India Pvt. Ltd
We have been using your product for five years in our plant. There is no complaint from users and we have used these fire extinguishers for many firefighting operations and also imparting training to our employees. Material also supplied within stipulated time.

P.J.Peter JSW Steel Ltd.
It's time to share a few words about your business feedback.
1.Happy to serve as a partner with us for the last 3 years.
2.Good service & on time delivery & coordination.
Special thanks to Ms.Poonam for her coordination from the last 3 years.

Manjunath M N Anonymous
Kanex Fire Extinguishers gives us the surety of safety and satisfaction of after sale services at the same time. Our production unit requires Fire Extinguishers on regular basis for small issues. Hence, we totally depend on Kanex Fire Extinguishers. Keep up the good work.

We have partnered with Kanex Fire for more than 8 years. We rely on them to ensure all of our locations are properly protected so we can focus on our customers. Their technicians are professional, courteous and thorough. They deliver a quality customer service experience and are an organization that we can rely on to get the job done. Safety is one of our company's key focuses and having them as a partner helps us all breathe a little easier.

Rajesh CNA Pvt. Ltd.
Kanex Fire product Quality is impressive and most important they are professional in their approach to the services they provide. They always contact us to arrange the site visit and inspection which means, as the customer, our day to day operations are not disrupted.

Anonymous Fire Head
I am pleased to share my honest feedback about your product and services based on a couple of years of association with your Organization. We are generally using fire extinguishers supplied by you and please find my opinion below -
1) Quality of Fire Extinguishers - Product specification and rating is comparable with the leading brands available in the market. The default warranty offered on the products is one of the best in the market, which reflects the manufacturer's confidence on its product. 2) Pricing - Very carefully decided pricing for the quality offered.
3) Transparency - The marketing representative in contact with me was always very open regarding any technical and statutory queries. Supporting certifications & documentations was shared for ready reference.
4) Services - Estimation and timely supply of product is appreciable. As far as installation is concerned, it needs improvement in interior areas. Due to unavailability of service partners in rural areas, the overall product cost shoots up. I feel, there is a scope of improvement here to remain competitive.
5) Aesthetics of Fire Extinguishers - The design or look of the fire extinguishers is usual. However, management may think to work on the design part to make it attractive and acceptable at any part of the wall. This is my personal recommendation.
6) Professionalism - The team interacts professionally. The estimates are very detailed. The requirement is verified closely before estimation. This helps during the supply and installation stage.
This feedback is being shared based on your request. Hope, it will be helpful to recognize your strength and field of improvement.

Rupam Dutta Star Health & Allied Insurance Pvt. Ltd.