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Watermist / CAFS System

Water Mist Extinguishers to Prevent Disasters

A Watermist / CAFS system is a fire protection system that makes use of fine water sprays to extinguish fire. With Kanex’s Watermist System, the power of water is rapidly duplicated through the extensive use of Watermist technology.

Portable Watermist
Portable Watermist Fire Extinguisher
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Watermist cum CAFS Back pack
10 Ltr Watermist Cum CAFS Back Pack
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Watermist cum CAFS Mobile Unit
Watermist cum CAFS (Mobile unit)
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A water mist extinguisher is fire protection equipment that uses fine water particles two douse fire. The small droplets help to control fire by reducing the temperature of the flame and the surrounding atmosphere.

The water mist fire extinguisher has proved to be more effective compared to the traditional water fire extinguishers. Unlike the stream of water, the spray of the water mist system can reduce the temperature of the flame through faster evaporation. That helps to displace the surrounding oxygen far more effectively. As this type of fire suppression system uses water as the extinguishing component, it does not pose any toxic threats.

The Special Nozzle which we are using produces over 22 billion water droplets from only 1 liter of water. These droplets are as small as 25 microns in diameter and create an ultra-fine mist which has superior fire-fighting capabilities.

Types of Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Here are a couple of water mist extinguishers that you can get for your home or office space.

Water Mist backpack extinguisher

It is a portable fire extinguishing unit that reduces the response time significantly. The backpack CAFS system improves accessibility and enables the firefighters to reach the areas that are unacceptable otherwise. The CAFS is ideal as a first intervention system in emergency vehicles, trucks, Industries, etc.

Trolley Mounted Water Mist Extinguishers

As the name suggests this type of extinguisher comes with a trolley. The trolley-mounted system makes these extinguishers ideal for managing fire in construction sites and warehouses where the inflammable materials are processed or stored.

Principle of Operation

The small water droplets enable the water mist in controlling and suppressing fires by three methods. They are:

  • By cooling the flames and encompassing the gas by evaporation
  • Reducing radiant heat by the little water droplets
  • Displacing oxygen by evaporation
Why Use the Water Mist Extinguishers?
  • It offers better penetration to the seat of flame.
  • Offers superior coverage.
  • Ensures improved cooling rates through accelerated evaporation rate.
  • Requires less water to handle a fire.
  • Lowers the overall system weight significantly.

If you are thinking about getting a fire extinguisher, then there is nothing better than the water mist ones. Give us a call or write to us today.