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Fire Suppression

Bespoke fire suppression system that won’t let you down

A fire suppression system is an engineered unit created for extinguishing fires. More often than not, a fire suppression system comes with components that can detect fire in its nascent stages.

Pre Engineered Systems - KATS
Pre Engineered Systems
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Pre Engineered Systems - Fire Trace
Pre Engineered Systems - Fire Trace
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Kitchen Suppression System
Kitchen Suppression System
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Total Flooding System
Total Flooding System
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A fire suppression system usually extinguishes the flames through heat absorption and oxygen depletion. In order to minimize the damage and losses from fire, a fire suppression system might be used.

How does the suppression system work so perfectly? The suppression system detects the flames through smoke, heat, and other warning signals. The parts of the suppression systems are often integrated into an alarm system, which gets triggered when the fire is detected. This trigger also initiates the primary steps that help to suppress the fire further. Most suppression systems release the fire extinguishing components automatically once the alarm is triggered. However, other systems require manual intervention.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

There is no doubt that sprinklers are the most common type of fire suppression system. However, there are some suppression systems that do not use water to douse the fire. These systems can deal with fire situations where water could do more harm than any good. Here is a list of various types of fire suppression systems that you can use.

Pre-Engineered System

This type of suppression system is used for protecting the micro-environment. Electrical panels and engine compartments are the places where such systems are used for providing protection. Pre-Engineered Systems are also useful for suppressing Electrical Panels,EDM and CNC machine fires.

Clean Agent Suppression System

Clean Agent Suppression Systems use environment-friendly chemical agents to suppress fires. The clean-up process of the chemical is minimal, safe, and hassle-free.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

This type of suppression system is typically used in commercial kitchens. The system properties a water-based chemical type mix over the fire when necessary. Most Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are either manual or heat-triggered and do not require any electrical connection to operate.

Total Flooding System

In the suppression system, a network of distribution channels/piping is created throughout the space. The Total Flooding System is perfect for fighting fire breakouts of any type.

Why Do You Need A Fire Suppression System?

A Suppression system can offer you complete protection in any event of fire breakouts without damaging important documents or electrical and electronic equipment.


Most components used in the fire suppression systems are safe for humans, eco-friendly, and non-corrosive. The components also do not leave any gas discharge once they are used.

Easy Cleanups

The fire suppression agents of these systems do not create much mess, making the clean-up process a lot easier.

Reduce Downtime

If you have the suppression system by your side, you would not require much time to resume your business activities even after the fire incident as there will be no water damage to clean up.

Kanex Fire Suppression Systems

Fire can cause massive damage. We at Kanex understand this very well. Hence, in order to minimize the damage from fire, fire suppression systems can be of great use. A fire suppression system is designed in such a way so that it can easily stop the fire from spreading further. The system gets its name as it tries to hold back the fire and the damage which it might cause eventually.

An organization that constantly worries about protecting the life of the occupants as well as assets and equipment, in the event of sudden fire, Kanex’s fire suppression systems can be of great help. Our fire suppression system can promptly notify organizations about fire and smoke conditions in the building. Once informed, organizations can take the necessary steps and mitigate the damage.

Kanex is here to offer you efficient and reliable fire suppression systems for your home or commercial facilities. Whether it is a CNC machine electrical panel for your restaurant kitchen, we are ready to tackle your unique fire hazards.