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Kanex Room Protection System

KANEX Room Protection System consist of elctricrically actuated control valve,smoke detector and fire alarm panel. On occurance of fire, Smoke detectors send signal to the fire suppression panel which actuate the control valve to discharge the extinguishing media in the affected area. For informing others, the control unitsend signal to hooter to start alongwith SMS alert and calls to the concerned authorities.


Walls & ceiling equipment installation allows to use spare optimally. For e.g. Equipment can be installed in niches , under ceiling , hard to reach places.
Modular blows out all the extinguishing agent, Without evaporation residue.
Several startup types, easy to install and maintenance, minimal start inactivity (Less than 1Sec)
Dispersion time of extinguisher agent is up to 9 seconds, which allows to create the necessary fire extinguishing concentration in the short term.

System's Work

Fire Extinguisher System's Work
Room Protection System