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Pre Engineered Systems

Electrical Cabinets Panel Flooding System DLP

Kanex Direct Low Pressure (DLP) Pre Engineered fire suppression system provides simple reliable protection for electrical panels.

All major components of the system comply with international standard and are highly reliable to protect the equipment in case of early fire.

The UL listed thermo sensitive tube is the lifeline of the whole system and act as the responder for any fire/temperature rise in the enclosure. Fire Detection Tubing (FDT) is installed throughout the electrical cabinet.

When a fire break out, the point on the pressurized FDT nearest the heat source will burst, allowing the fire suppression agent to flow from the extinguishing agent cylinder through the tubing, and out of the rupture hole which forms nozzle and extinguishes directly at the source of the fire. The result is a long discharge of agent in the immediate vicinity of the fire, suppressing the fire where it starts. Direct Low pressure Systems can also be used in cable runs and trays.


Very Fast, reliable fire detection with help of Clean agents
Safe for humans, equipment and the environment no cleanup required
No interference with installation or maintenance of equipment
Electrically non-conductive Fire Detection Tubing follows cable routes to suppress directly at source of fire
It can be integrated with fire control systems
No power source required
Cost effective

System's Work

System's Work Flow

The direct system utilizes Heat Sensing Tube as both fire sensing & suppression of fire by delivering the agent.

The nearest surface of Heat Sensing Tube bursts due to heating & it forms effective discharge nozzle.

Due to which pressure drops in Heat Sensing Tube & entire content of cylinder discharges.


MODEL Specifications MODEL Specifications
Extinguishing Agent FE 36/HFC236fa
FM 200/HFC227ea
Available Capacities 2, 4, 6 kg
Working Pressure* 13.5-15 bar Cylinder Approvals CE
Gas Approvals UL/FM/EPA SNAP
Panel Flooding System DHP