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DCP SBC Based Mobile

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Product Description

ABC DRY POWDER SBC TROLLEY MOUNTED fire extinguishers are characterized by their high performance, simple method of operation and rapid fire knock down capability. They are suitable for tackling fires involving freely burning materials, petrol & oils, gas & electrical equipment. KANEX powder extinguishers contain high performance powder to achieve high Fire Rating.

Special Features

  • l BIS Approved and ISI marked
  • l Hydraulically tested as per standard and passed through anti-corrosive treatment
  • l High quality Pure Polyester (PP) powder coating (UV Resistant)
  • l Brass caps, drain plugs, ball valve conforms to IS:319
  • l Aluminum alloy nozzle conforms to IS:617.
  • l Controllable discharge.
  • l Easy to maintain, recharge & service
  • l PVC braided discharge hose.
  • l Conformity to IS 16018:2012.
  • l Sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical powder confronts to IS 4308 capable of fighting against class B, C & Electrically started fires.

Application Area

  • Petrol & Oil Burning
  • Offices & Banks
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Machining Operations
  • Welding Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Gas/fueling Stations
  • Hotels
  • Paint Processing Areas
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Parking Garages
  • Material Hanling Vehicles
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Propane Filling And Storage
  • Repair Shops
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms