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Foam Based Cartridge Operated

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Product Description

KANEX AFFF Foam Cartridge operated Fire Extinguishers provide a fast, powerful means of tackling flammable liquids. The foam forms a seal over the surface to prevent re-ignition. Ideal for multi-risk usage and also applicable against Class ‘A’ hazards such as wood, cloth, trash, and other materials that leave an ash.

Special Features

  • High quality Synthetic based AFFF Foam.
  • Co2 gas cylinder confirms to IS: 4947.
  • Brass chrome plated valve
  • Plastic Lining done internally and externally pure polyester powder coating
  • Best available Fire ratings in its class.
  • Latest BIS approved – (IS 15683:2006) and ISI marked.
  • More flexible EPDM hose with less prone to cracks.
  • Tamper seal to detect any mishandling.
  • Anti-corrosive Phosphate treatment of Cylinders.
  • Large loop stainless Pull pin.
  • Lever lock for better handling.
  • Bar Code labeling for better traceability.
  • Easy to maintain, recharge & service.

Application Area

  • Offices & Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Parking Garages
  • Refineries
  • Paint Shops
  • Chemical Industries