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Powder Filling Machine is used for filling dry chemical powder (DCP) into fire extinguishers as well as for transferring DCP from fire extinguishers to storage containers without spillage or emissions of the powder to the surroundings.

SPS-controlled powder emptying and filling unit for the exact filling of portable extinguishers of all makes and sizes. Filling takes place out of a bag or a fire extinguisher as well as out of storage tank (e.g. 250 kg – accessory). The extinguisher is filled directly through the powder filling unit in continuous operation on setting requested weight.

The KANEX PF is equipped with an electronic scale which switches off on reaching the preset filling weight. The scale can be programmed with filling weights which can be activated according to weight required.

The weights are indicated on operating pane. The filling of movable extinguishers is to be carried out with the help of special filling adaptor.

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